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Looking for my stretches for back, neck, arm or legs.

See my "Salthill Osteopathic Clinic" facebook page.

Look in the photos section, all my stretches are there with some instructions.

These are static stretches.
Apply stretch gently, push until you feel mild resistance and hold at that point.
Hold the stretch steadily for one/two repeats (reps)
Hold for 15-20 seconds duration.
Don't bounce.
Remember to breathe during stretch
They are warm down type of stretch, they are too strong to use directly before exercise.
If you develop consistent pain radiating down leg stop any forward bend stretches
(particularly forward bends, for example squatting)

Warm up advice:
Use dynamic movements or stretches that mimic the sport or activity. Jog, bike or walk for few minutes.If you encounter pain stop and discontinue the exercises (an achey feel is okay, but pain is not.)alt