Salthill Osteopathic Clinic

6 Monksfield, Salthill, Galway.
Tel: 091 589417


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Monksfield is the road between the Galleon restaurant and the Church of "Christ the King" in the middle of Salthill village...

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iStock_000011779169SmallWill it hurt?

Treatment is not generally painful, palpating an inflamed joint may cause discomfort, but the techniques and style are not. You may feel worked-on for that day and next morning but better after this. Many people feel immediate relief from pain.

Cranial Osteopathy

(also know as cranio-sacral)

This is a speciality of osteopathy which is very gentle, I primarily use this technique to help drainage of sinuses.

What is difference between Chiropractic and Osteopathy?

There are many similarities, both professions use manual techniques to treat patients.

We have the same levels of training and standards, usually a four year degree programme

The difference is really a philosophical one. Chiropractic concentrates on spinal alignment, and although osteopaths also believe in the primary importance of the brain, spinal cord and spine, in the bodies function, we also tend to work with the balance of muscles, ligament and tendons as well.

It is a difficult question to answer because there are a wide variety of styles in both chiropractic and osteopathy, which use overlapping techniques. In my opinion, a patient should use the practitioner or therapy which works for them, if you have seen no positive changes after say four treatments try another practitioner. 

Weekly or more treatments for more than few weeks is never necessary.

Avoid a practitioner who makes you over reliant on their treatments.