Salthill Osteopathic Clinic

6 Monksfield, Salthill, Galway.
Tel: 091 589417


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Monksfield is the road between the Galleon restaurant and the Church of "Christ the King" in the middle of Salthill village...

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What is Osteopathy? PDF Print E-mail

iStock_000002133891SmallOsteopaths are medical professionals trained to use their hands to diagnose, identify and treat areas of the body that are injured, feel painful or are prone to recurrent illness.

It is what we describe as 'primary care' which means that patients can come directly to us for treatment, we also have referrals from doctors and other practitioners. When appropriate we refer patients on to specialists and doctors if they require it.

We can help with the posture, alignment and movement of the body by manoeuvring the muscles, ligaments, joints, discs and even organs. This aids all the bodies systems to fight disease and recover from injury.

For instance by reducing the pressure on a nerve we can reduce likelihood of tension headaches, or relieve arm or leg pain radiations. By stretching muscles and tendons we can reduce rates of injury and improve recovery of back, neck and limb problems.

We help patients understand their injuries and aid their rehabilitation in a drug-free way giving them advice on what to do to help themselves after treatment.

Osteopathy was founded by A.T. Still in 1874.