Salthill Osteopathic Clinic

6 Monksfield, Salthill, Galway.
Tel: 091 589417


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Monksfield is the road between the Galleon restaurant and the Church of "Christ the King" in the middle of Salthill village...

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Welcome to the Salthill Osteopathic Clinic

Karl Prendergast your Osteopath in Galway.

I provide a gentle osteopathic treatment and rehabilitation, for all sorts of back pain, sacroiliac joint, neck pain, shoulder, knee and joint problems, including tension headaches, together with self help advice and stretching.

My style of treatment would be considered to be gentle but firm. Most of treatment is stretching out your body. I do "click" joints but only when needed and safe to do so. I can work without doing any of these joint releasing clicks, if you prefer. I avoid any quick movements to the neck.

Many of my patients really appreciate the time I spend with them explaining what has happened to them and why. I do one hour for first and all subsequent treatments, which is often longer than most osteopaths or other practitioners.

I provide lots of advice, things to do to help yourself, how to return to action, what to avoid. I can often explain what other medical professionals maybe able to do for your problem.

I would refer you to your GP if I found anything that needed investigation or would be more effectively treated with other methods.

I dislike treating patients week after week for long periods. My plan for most would be to see patient once or twice initially, then as required from then on. I would suggest that 3 to 4 times per year would be the ideal.

I am involved in running and triathlon, and can advise you on your training programs. I have lots of advice on how to run efficiently and how to avoid lower back pains, hip problems, knee and ITB issues.

So if you feel like your legs or pelvis feel a different lengths, if you have a persistant niggles, find standing or sitting for a long time makes you stiff, or just want a check up, I can help, your Osteopath in Galway.

What is Osteopathy?

neckOsteopaths are medical professionals trained to use their hands to diagnose, identify and treat areas of the body that are injured, feel painful or are prone to recurrent illness.

It is what we describe as ‘primary care' which means that patients can come directly to us for treatment, we also have referrals from doctors and other practitioners. When appropriate we refer patients on to specialists and doctors if they require it.

Meet Karl Prendergast

karlI qualified in 1995 from the British School of Osteopathy in London, England. Where I obtained a BSc honours degree in Osteopathy after a four year, full time, course.

I have been practicing as an Osteopath, treating back pain, in Galway since 1996. Opening in the Crescent and then in 2005 moving to my present location in Salthill.